Do you have an email that I can send to new Vendors that I am inviting to work with my business in Liquid?

Here is an email that you can send to new Vendors whom you are inviting to work with your business in Liquid.

Subject: Platform to Receive Payments from us: Liquid (Action needed)

Hi xxxx:  

We are using a new vendor and contract management platform, Liquid, to help streamline consulting agreements, invoices and time entry. You will be invited to this platform via email (from Liquid) to work with us.

We will be using this system to manage your contracts, work orders, invoices, and payments.

Step One: You will receive an email from Liquid inviting you to join COMPANYNAME on Liquid. You'll follow the link in the email to create your login with your email address and join the COMPANYNAME business. You must click the link from the email to accept the invite from COMPANYNAME.

Step Two: Create your business in Liquid and complete your onboarding process. Please click here to learn more.

Step Three:  Accept the Work Order we sent you. Please click here for detailed instructions on how to accept Work Orders.

Step Four: Invoice us at the appropriate time. Please click here for detailed instructions on how to create invoices.

After we have initiated the first payment, the invoice status will go to Payment Scheduled status. Once the payment has started making its way to your bank account, you will receive an email from Liquid notifying you that your payment is on its way. Once you receive that email, you should receive the payment within 2-5 business days. If you have not received your payment after 6 business days, please contact Liquid support via chat on the platform.

If you have any issues, you can chat with Liquid support using the chat function in the platform at any time (support hours are officially 8am - 8pm Pacific Time, though they do try to be available outside of those hours whenever possible) or email the Liquid Support Team at and they will be happy to help you.

In addition, you can sign up for office hours to get live help via Zoom — they also run an Intro to Liquid webinar each week to get an overview of how Liquid works.