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What are Onboarding Processes?

To invite a Vendor to Liquid, you must invite them to be onboarded to your company with an onboarding process. When you create an account in Liquid, you automatically get 2 standard onboarding processes created for you. When you are logged in to Liquid, go to Onboarding on the left side. Here, you’ll see your available onboarding processes. These are:

  • Standard Onboarding
  • Offline Contracts

The Standard Onboarding processes include Liquid’s template for Consulting Agreement (Master Contract), Liquid’s template for a Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement (NDA), and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors).

The Offline Contracts processes include a Master Contract executed offline (which you would upload during the Vendor invite) and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors).

Who can view W8 and W9 tax data?

If you have invited additional users to help you manage your business on Liquid, they will only be able to view the W9 and W8 sensitive tax data if they have been added with Administrator or Controller permissions.

Why do I have 4 standard onboarding processes?

If you created your account before May 2021, you will see the separate US versus International onboarding processes. If that is the case, you will have to choose the appropriate onboarding process to ensure your Vendor gets the appropriate US IRS tax form. The 4 standard onboarding processes you will have are:

  • Standard Onboarding (US)
  • Standard Onboarding (International)
  • Offline Contracts (US)
  • Offline Contracts (International)