What roles can I assign to my users in Liquid?

You can add new users to your business in Settings —> Users or in Settings —> Roles, as well as edit the roles each user has. Detailed definitions of the roles are seen when you are adding a new user or when you are editing a current user.

The main roles are:

  • Administrator: Can administer this Business and all Vendor management, legal, and finance tasks
  • General Counsel: Can perform all legal functions, including managing Onboarding processes and Templates, custom Contracts, and Work Orders
  • Controller: Can manage Invoice Approval policies and all finance functions
  • Hiring Manager: Can invite Vendors, create, accept, and manage Work Orders and, if they are an Approver, view and Accept Invoices. The Hiring Manager can be changed at the Vendor and Work Order levels.

You can delete users at any time.