What is a Client on Liquid?

Client on Liquid is a United States company or United States sole proprietorship that is using Liquid to onboard, manage, and pay Vendors. If you are hiring others and paying them for their work, you are acting as a Client. Clients also use Liquid to improve compliance with independent contractor rules and regulations as well as to mitigate permanent establishment risk.

Using Contracts and Onboarding on Liquid as a Client

Clients can use Liquid with their own contracts or with Liquid’s standard templates. Clients initiate onboarding of Vendors, and at this time, only Clients can create and send contracts. For Clients to complete a custom onboarding process to engage with a specific Vendor, that onboarding process will first have to be loaded into the Client’s onboarding processes. Then, the Client would have to invite the Vendor with that specific custom process.   

Work Orders and Invoices on Liquid as a Client

Clients can create and send Work Orders to their Vendors as well as accept proposals from their Vendors. Clients also use Liquid to manage and share files and URLs that are related to Work Orders. They can also upload Invoices on behalf of their Vendors. Liquid recommends that Invoices be attached to Work Orders, but Clients can also upload and pay Invoices that are not tied to any Work Orders.

Making Payments on Liquid as a Client

Clients can make payments to their vendors in the United States as well as in 175+ countries around the world, both in USD and foreign currencies. Clients can also set payment terms and take advantage of our automatic Work Order to Invoice matching before making payments. Clients can also manually mark invoices as paid (which changes the status for the Vendor) — and 1099 data will include payments you’ve made on Liquid as well as payments you’ve manually marked as paid in Liquid.

Reports and Tax Forms on Liquid as a Client

Clients also use Liquid to download 1099 data, Vendor W8 data, and Vendor W9 data. In addition, Clients also use Liquid to generate and review a wide variety of reports to help with cash forecasting, journal entries, and many other purposes. 

Approvals and Other Features on Liquid as a Client

Clients can also use automated invoice processing and approvals to streamline their workflow.  And many Clients integrate Liquid with QuickBooks (or use other integrations) to reduce duplicate data entry.