What is a Vendor on Liquid?

Vendor on Liquid is an individual, sole proprietorship, or entity that has been created to invoice Clients and/or receive payments. If you perform work for others and get paid for that work, you are acting as a Vendor.

Vendors can accept Client invitations to join Liquid and must complete an IRS tax form W-8 or W-9. In addition, Vendors can send project proposals to Clients, accept Work Orders from Clients, track hours workedsend invoices to Clients, and more. Liquid recommends that Invoices be attached to Projects, but Vendors can also send Invoices to their Clients without attaching those Invoices to any specific Project. Vendors can also manually mark invoices as paid, but doing so will not notify the Client. Vendors can also use Liquid to manage and share files and URLs that are related to Projects — some Vendors choose to submit deliverables via this feature.

Vendors in the US and overseas can receive payments in Liquid, and if international, can specify their preference to be paid in USD or their local currency

Vendors with a US address must use a US bank account. Vendors overseas must use a bank account in the country that matches the address in their Settings, and that bank account can either hold US Dollars or their local currency.

Currently, Vendors can initiate sending project proposals to Clients if they have completed the onboarding process the Client invited them to complete but cannot initiate onboarding of their Clients on their own. A Client must invite the Vendor to start the process of working together on Liquid. 

Vendors cannot change payment terms on their own. Vendors must ask their Clients to change payment terms.